How do I know what kind of session to book?

Session types are best discussed with your therapist, but below are a few guidelines for how to use our three session types:

  • 10-minute chats: these sessions are only available once for you to use when interviewing a potential therapist. You can use this session type once with each therapist you are interviewing to see if they are a good fit for you. These sessions are purposely short in order to get a feel for the therapist you are chatting with, are are not meant to be a therapeutic session in any capacity.
  • 50-minute sessions: We highly recommend you book this type of session for your first session, and likey your first few sessions, in order to really build a relationship with your therapists and start exploring the issues you want to address on a deeper level.
  • 25-minute sessions: These sessions are a great way to check-in with your therapist in between regular sessions or as ongoing maintenance.

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