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#ElevateSupportsCA: Free Therapy Sessions for CA Residents

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Elevate Team

With all that’s being going on the past few weeks in California, the need for mental health support is high. At this point in time,  access to support is limited and often difficult to procure due to displacement and lack of a regular schedule. Here at Elevate, we know we are in a unique position to help with our telephone-based therapy platform.

The trauma of experiencing a wildfire can create long-term mental health issues including anxiety and depression, as well as more complex issues such as PTSD. In order to help CA residents who are in need of support, we are offering a limited number of free, 50-minute therapy sessions.

If you or someone you love would like to schedule a free phone-therapy session to begin processing these traumatic events, please read the information below on how to redeem a free session.  All of us here at Elevate are happy to be a resource for you during this time and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected].

To redeem a free session, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Create your account via Facebook or email
  2. Find a therapist that you’d like to work with
  3. Select a day and time on their calendar that works for you
  4. When booking, use promo code ElevateSupportsCA and your session will be $0
    *Please note that this coupon is only valid for one session and you will have to enter your credit card information when booking your session. Rest assured, you won’t be charged and we will not save your payment information.
  5. Fill out your intake form so that your therapist can best assist you
  6. Pick up the phone at your appointment time and you’ll be connected to your therapist!

Please note the following restrictions for this offer:

If you are seeking additional resources and information related to mental health counseling as a part of wildfire recovery in California, please visit any one of the following resources:


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Elevate Team