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Anxiety, Personal Growth, Stress 5 months ago

7 Signs You May Have Anxiety

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Dr. Karla Mayorga, LMFT
Elevate Team

Anxiety is rapidly increasing in America. It does not discriminate and it can be crippling to those that suffer from it.

Recognizing that you have anxiety is a big step. It helps give a name to your feelings and changes how you approach managing your symptoms. If you think you might be suffering from anxiety, take a look through the signs below. If you find yourself nodding along with what you read, you may want to look further into anxiety disorders and begin to learn the tools and techniques there are to live a better life!

Your mind never stops working

Is your mind often racing? Do you have trouble falling asleep because  the day’s events, future events, or made-up scenarios are distracting you? Do you find yourself worrying throughout the day or getting lost in thoughts that distract you from whatever task you’re working on?

Individuals with anxiety often find themselves lost in worrisome thoughts. If you find that your mind seems to always dwell and worry, you might be suffering from anxiety.

You have problems making decisions

Did you know that having difficulty making decisions is one of the most common symptoms of anxiety? Decisions can be difficult to make for many of us. But those of us that have anxiety can often shut down when a decision needs to be made. Do you find that people call you picky or indecisive because you shy away from decisions? Do you automatically start worrying the instant you make a final choice, fearing that you made the wrong choice? Are you often caught in a cycle of worry because of decisions?

If you find yourself struggling to make decisions often, you may have anxiety.

You’re afraid of rejection

No one likes rejection. But does a fear of rejection hold you back from activities you want to do? If you have a strong fear of rejection that leads you to not take action, anxiety could be affecting your life more than you think.

You have a deep fear of failure

Much like rejection, most people simply do not like failure. The difference with those that suffer from anxiety is that they have developed a deep fear of failure that impacts their actions. 

The fear of failure can be so debilitating that individuals suffering from anxiety may be unconsciously sabotaging their chances of success. They may not have a motivation to succeed any longer because they ultimately do not want to feel shame. Anxious people often avoid risks because the chance of failure is too great.

You constantly worry about finding the right romantic partner

Do you find yourself worrying that you may never find a good partner? Does this worry plague your dating life and impact the dates you do go on? Do you find this to be a topic in nearly every conversation with close friends and loved ones?

Some anxious individuals tend to worry about the same thing over and over again. For some, that worry is centered on never finding the perfect partner, or worrying that they will never get married and have the chance to build a family. 

The mere thought of making new friends makes you anxious

Do you want to make new friends, but are just too afraid? Are you a social person with the friends you already have, but can’t get yourself to branch out into new friend or activity groups?

People dealing with anxiety can be at their best among friends and with those they trust. However, they are often terrified of the idea of meeting new people. Anxious individuals may have difficulty initiating or maintaining conversations with strangers.

Your finances keep you up at night

Another common worry that dominates the minds of individuals that suffer from anxiety is insecurity about finances.

Some individuals with anxiety excessively worry about their financial stability. The more they worry about their finances, the more anxious they become. A solution becomes difficult to find because the worry and anxiety has become too great to move past.

These are just a few of the symptoms and situations you may find yourself facing if you suffer from anxiety. If you do believe you are suffering from anxiety after reading this post, I encourage you to reach out to one of our licensed professionals and chat about managing your anxiety disorder. Accepting help is one of the first and most important steps towards achieving a balanced state of mind.

Photo Name
Dr. Karla Mayorga, LMFT
Elevate Team