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Our therapists are all licensed experts in their field with years of experience. We rigorously vet each therapist to ensure you receive a great experience.


Many Elevate therapists work hours outside the regular 9-5, allowing you the flexibility to have your session at a time and in a place that works best for you.


With remotely conducted sessions, you can say goodbye to paying for office overhead costs, taking off work, paying babysitters and burning gas to get to a physical office.

How Elevate Therapy Works

We make navigating online therapy easy and elegant, so all you have to do is focus on you.


Choose from our list of hand-selected therapists to find the person that meets your unique needs.

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Simply answer your phone or connect online at your session time and relax into your conversation.

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Reimagining Therapy

Our remote-therapy platform allows you to connect with an online therapist using secure phone or online video chat that perfectly fits your busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

Convenient Phone Calls

Easily connect by phone with minimal disruption to your day. Simply answer our phone call at your appointment time and enjoy your conversation with your therapist.

Coming Soon: Face-to-Face Video Calls

Confidently connect with your therapist wherever you feel most comfortable using our stable and secure video chat option.

Secure Connection

Whether using our phone or video option, you can rest assured our technology will keep your therapy session private and secure.


We find and recruit the best therapists so you don’t have to rely on endless research, questionable reviews or soliciting friends and family for referrals.


Your schedule is already hectic. Save time and manage your mental health with a few clicks, without the drive to the therapist office.


Expand your options for finding a great therapist by gaining access to experts in your state outside your immediate area.

Clear, Simple Pricing

We offer the simplicity of allowing you to choose how often you’d like to meet with your therapist, and for how long. We offer three session types:

Free Chat

(10 Min.)

A quick chat to meet before committing to a full session.


Standard Session (50 min)

A dedicated time to explore, generating deep insights for positive impact.


Check-In Session (25 Min.)

A supplemental session to get the support you need to maintain your goals.

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About Elevate Therapy

Today’s stressors are bigger than ever before and are often made worse due to our increasing interconnectedness and rapid pace of change of our modern world. 

We believe regular therapy is just as important as regular exercise and is one of the best ways to maintain the very best you.

We are committed to evolving the therapeutic experience by providing access to the very best therapists, when people need it most, at a price that everyone can afford. 

If you are a therapist who wants to improve our collective mental health, join us and apply now!